• Dose Administration Aid

    Dose Administration Aid

    Do you often forget taking your medicines at the specified time? Do you have a family member who has difficulty managing his/her medicines? With a special dosing device called Dose Administration Aid or DAA, you will never miss taking a tablet!

    What is DAA?

    DAA(DOSE ADMINISTRATION AID)  is one of the services that your local pharmacy can help you manage your medication. This packing of medicine service or commonly called “DOSE ADMINISTRATION AIDS” is offered to those patients who are taking a lot of medications or elderly people who need assistance in their daily medication.

    dose administration aids

    Here at the pharmacy, we pack medications for people in a nice and convenient easy format. The best thing about it is all medications are labeled into dates and times slots and are set in a weekly format. To add, the system that we used has the added convenience of being able to rip away so you don’t need to take the whole pack with you if you’re going to work for the day or for a couple of days. You can just tear as many days off as you need.

    3 Ways Our Pharmacists Can Help You Manage Your Medication

    How can we help you manage your medicines?

    We help you by packing your regular medicines using Dose Administration Aids (DAA).

    This special dosing device is really convenient because what happens when you get on to a dose administration aid pack like what we prepare at the pharmacy is that we can actually manage your medications by chasing the doctor of prescripts and ensuring that you are taking the right medication at the right time. This helps with what we call medication compliance.

    DAA Blister Pack

    We can also provide a print out of your medicines with time indication when they need to be taken. DAA will be prepared and made ready to collect when you visit the pharmacy.

    How do clients find this service?

    A lot of people find that by taking their medication regularly, they actually get better results from their medications with the use of DAA. It serves as a quick check whether or not you have taken your medicines.

    Do you want to give Dose Administration Aids (DAA) a try?

    Talk to one of our pharmacists about whether DAA would make taking your medicines easier. We are ready to help you manage your prescriptions and let you know when you need to see your doctor for new scripts. You may also message us with your queries by filling up the form below.

    Why use a blister pack in managing your medication?

    MediMate Service- Your DAA in Sachet Packaging

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