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  • Does the Flu Shot Cause the Flu?

    Does the Flu Shot Cause the Flu?

    Many of us heard the story of a flu shot causing the illness or developing flu-like symptoms, but does the flu shot cause the flu? No! its one of the most common misconception people has about the Flu shot.

    Actually, a Flu shot cannot cause flu illness because of the following reasons:

    1.Flu viruses present in the vaccine are inactive (killed).

    2.They are created using only a single gene (weak virus).

    Injecting weakened viruses in form of vaccines can stimulate your body to develop an immune response without being worried about probable infection.

    Flue can be a serious disease and it’s highly recommended for people with specific diseases or age group.

    So now you know that flu shot won’t make you ill, let’s understand the reasons that can still get sick after the flu shot:

    Non-Administered flu vaccine: One of the most important factors that define the reliability of flu vaccine is the process it’s been manufactured. Not all the Pharmacies administer the flu vaccine, always opt for trusted pharmacy for an effective flu shot.

    Already exposed to Flu: Some people are already infected with influenza at the time they get their flu shot done, in that case, the flu shot could not save from the disease.

    The vaccine doesn’t cover the strain of flu: Flu shot is developed to provide active protection from the Influenza viruses, but some people may get ill because of other viruses like common cold, bronchitis, stomach flu.  

    Not enough time to develop immunity: Vaccine takes about two weeks to develop the immunity against the flu, you can develop flu before you actually develop the immunity. Solution? Get your yearly shot as soon as possible.  

    Do you really need it every year?

    Yes, you do, flu viruses are highly adaptable and develop themselves continuously which makes the flu shot obsolete. Researches are working tirelessly to make the latest vaccine available to you. Its necessary to get your flu shot done every year to have better immunity against the latest variety of influenza viruses.

    How much time does it take?

    Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has made the process super easy for all, the whole process is not going to take more than 20 minutes (which includes the mandatory observation period post flu jab).

    If you are planning to take your flu shot in office lunch period, get it done now!

    Who should take the flu vaccine?

    We recommend the flu shot for everyone older than 6 months, this vaccine is especially important for younger children, older adults, and pregnant women.

    We also highly recommend the flu shot for people suffering from chronic diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, obesity, etc.

    So what are you waiting for now? Book your slot at the most trusted pharmacy near you and get your family covered against the harmful effects of flu viruses.

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