DeVilbiss Blue CPAP Machine for Sale Melbourne 

Are you looking for a Devilbiss Blue CPAP Machine?
Struggling to speak to anyone REAL at those online sites that claim to offer you solutions to help with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?

Snoring is not just mentally disturbing..
It poses serious, even fatal health risk

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick are proud stockists of the Devilbiss Blue CPAP Machine.This machine has an advanced algorithm and a quiet motor to ensure that you get the best possible night’s sleep.

The Devilbiss Blue CPAP Machine is easy to setup and easy to use. But wait, our team of Sleep Specialists will help you setup this machine to your individual requirements. The large colour screen and intuitive controls makes the Devilbiss Blue extremely simple to use.

But you already knew that!

Check out our video below about the Devilbiss Blue CPAP Machine

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The Devilbiss Blue has pulsedose humidification, which helps combat nasal congestion and dryness of the throat and nose.

It works by delivering heated humidified air during inhalation only, and non-humidified air during exhalation. This gives you maximum comfort whilst conserving water and eliminating ‘rain-out’ from the tubing ensuring a minimum of 8 hours uninterrupted sleep – with no need for an expensive heated tube!
Apart from regular cleaning of the filter, The DeVilbiss Blue CPAP Machine is maintenance-free for its lifetime.

The value in purchasing your Devilbiss Blue from Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick is that our instore Sleep Specialists will help you through the entire stage of getting a CPAP machine.

Devilbiss Blue CPAP Machine for Snoring Solution

1.The first step is to initiate a sleep study with the use of Alice Night One. The Alice NightOne home sleep testing (HST) device is designed to help you get your study done right the first night.

2.We help you instore to setup the Alice Night One so there is no second guessing or confusion when you get home. It becomes simply a matter of ‘wearing’ your Alice overnight.

3.Your results are downloaded the next day and sent to a sleep physician. After 7 days a report is provided and our Sleep Specialist will go through the report with you.

4.If it is determined that you have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, you can trial a CPAP machine for 1 month before you purchase your own machine. Then we help you determine the best sleep apnoea mask based on your requirements and your sleeping style.

80% of Australians with OSA are undiagnosed
OSA patients are at 7X higher risk of death and heart disease
and you could be one of them…

Sleep Apnoea Therapy

Sleep Apnoea is a dreadful disease that impacts not only your health, but also that of your partner.

Every individual needs a peaceful sleep at night…Don’t throw it away to OSA

Have a peaceful sleep using our CPAP Machine hire.

Ready to buy a Devilbiss Blue CPAP Machine?

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Snoring Solutions

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Our Sleep Apnoea Program will help you get informed about sleep apnoea and its serious impact on your health. Sleep apnoea is curable with CPAP Machine and that different nasal masks go with it to suit the patient’s need and comfortability.

But that’s not all..
CPAP machine offers several other benefits such as:

ü Eliminates snoring ( Ask your partner how much relief will this bring to them)

ü Daytime alertness

ü Improved concentration

ü Enhanced efficiency

ü Better emotional stability

Undoubtedly, CPAP machine is the ultimate solution to treat sleep apnoea and for your overall health and wellbeing…

And for those who are worried if CPAP machine will work for them, we have an incredible offer:

Introducing CPAP Machine Hire in Melbourne

Priceline Pharmacy offers an affordable solution to treating OSA without spending handsome amounts…We give you a first hand experience about the effectiveness of CPAP device by offering CPAP machine Hire Melbourne

If you are not sure if you are suffering from OSA, talk to our trained professional and take a OSA test from the comforts of your home…

To know more about CPAP machine hire Melbourne or know if you have OSA, walk into our pharmacy now!


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