Why Should Have Cholesterol Test

Instant cholesterol test with accutrend will give you "lab accurate"
cholesterol result in just 5 min.

Cholesterol Test Accutrend Machine

Did you know that..?

50% of adult Australians have higher than normal cholesterol 5 Australians die every hour due to underlying heart conditions. More than 16% of adult Australians are known to suffer from heart problems…

Cholesterol is often called a silent killer...

Without any warning, high cholesterol may lead to sudden heart attack, brain stroke and other life threatening disease. However you can take preventive action by getting your cholesterol test done from time to time and take preventive action before deadly disease take a toll on your health…

The ONLY WAY to Protect YOU and YOUR family from life threatening cholesterol related diseases is to get your cholesterol test done regularly!

Medical fraternity across the globe suggests cholesterol test EVERY 3 months for people with known history of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure and once every 12 months for EVERYONE over 40!

Regular Cholesterol Test is the 1st and
the most crucial step in saving your life

If you or someone from your family are suffering from:

You need to get cholesterol test done once in 3 months

Doctors recommend cholesterol test once in 3 months for those having high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and family history and at least once a year for EVERYONE over 40!

Failing to get Cholesterol checked Can be life threatening...

People ignore getting their cholesterol level checked either because:


They do not have time to go to their doctor for a referral or going to and fro the lab


12 hour fasting is needed for a lab test of cholesterol which is difficult for people with busy schedules

These 2 factors deter people from going for a cholesterol test....

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick give its customers super accurate cholesterol test results

What does the test show:

Your Cholesterol Reveals Your Heart Health

If your cholesterol levels are under control, it means your heart is healthy. Having too much of bad cholesterol or too less of good cholesterol and high total cholesterol is a warning bell that you need to take care of your heart…

Your life is precious... Don’t throw it away to heart disease

Keep a tab on your cholesterol levels every 3 months and keep your heart health in check for a long, healthy life.

ACCUTREND is trusted the world over for its accurate results

Pretty much like you check your diabetes, the ACCUTREND checks your cholesterol with just a drop of blood. Our experienced pharmacists will handle everything for you, so there’s no cause of worry for you. You walk away with your report within the next 5 minutes…The results are as accurate as the lab results, guaranteed!

We will guide you with the lifestyle changes to keep your cholesterol level under control and keep your heart healthy!

Get your cholesterol checked at regular intervals and save in insurance premium and medical emergency

A simple test can be lifesaving…it will also save you thousands by way of insurance premiums and medical emergency!

Don’t ignore… take the cholesterol test today!

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