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Get ‘Lab Precision’ Cholesterol’ Test Results in 5 minutes without the hassles of 12 hour fasting, doctor’s referral or multiple lab visits…

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ACCUTREND Plus needs just a drop of blood


Get out super accurate test results in just 5 minutes
**At the moment due to COVID19 restrictions, this service that we offer is put on hold.

Unlike your traditional cholesterol tests,
ACCUTREND gives accurate cholesterol test results:
No 12 hour fasting
No Doctor’s Referral needed
No wasting time
No going to and fro to the lab
No massive lab fees

Unlike your traditional cholesterol tests,
ACCUTREND Plus gives lab precise results:
No 12 hour fasting
No Doctor’s Referral needed
No wasting time
No going to and fro to the lab
No massive lab fees

Don’t wait for the cholesterol to take a toll on your health. This simple test will help you save thousands in medical emergency and insurance premium and also give you peace of mind!


1 in every 2 adult Australian has high cholesterol

1 Australian loses life every 12 minutes because of heart disease

100000 Australians have a family history of cholesterol
and at 20 times higher risk of heart disease

The Process We do

total cholesterol checkThe Accutrend Plus system by Roche is a simple yet flexible, hand-held point-of-care device for the key parameters used to detect cardiovascular disease:

Total Cholesterol
Glucose and Lactate

This state of the art machine is designed to give 100% accurate results. A drop of blood is put on a slide, which is then inserted into the ACCUTREND device…and pop comes the result within the next 5 minute!

Our trained staff will take care of everything, so relax!
Your cholesterol report is a mirror to your heart health

How often to take cholesterol test

Cholesterol Test

If your report shows normal cholesterol levels, it shows that your heart health is good. If you have too little of good cholesterol or too much of bad cholesterol, or high overall cholesterol, you must take preventive action and meet your doctor to avoid likely complications in the future.

Walk in now and walk away with your cholesterol report in the next 5 minutes. You can visit us at any time of your convenience.

But due to COVID19 restrictions, we are putting this service on hold.

Dear Friend,

Cholesterol is a back stabber…It silently attacks your arteries, stiffens them gradually and leads to life threatening conditions such as:

Coronary Heart Disease


Peripheral Vascular Disease

Heart failure

Irregular heartbeats

Often it is a vicious circle…Diabetes and Blood Pressure leads to high cholesterol and high cholesterol in turn triggers blood pressure and diabetes, which may turn fatal without any warning…


You MUST get Your cholesterol report EVERY 3 months

For just $5, you can ensure your health and happiness of your loved ones!

How often should I have cholesterol test

Cholesterol is like a ticking time bomb ready to explode…
and the only way to save yourself and your loved ones
is to test your cholesterol at regular intervals… 

Best time to get a cholesterol testEVERYONE over the age of 40 and EVERYONE over 30 years with a known family history of cholesterol MUST check their cholesterol at least once every year…

If you or your loved one has either high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease or a family history of these conditions, MUST get their lipid profile done EVERY 3 months.

What your cholesterol test pharmacy will reveal?: 

Total Cholesterol

HDL or the Good Cholesterol

LDL or the Bad Cholesterol

Don’t risk your life…
Get your cholesterol test done for just $5…

Visit the cholesterol test pharmacy now!.


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