• Certify Your Documents with Us!

    Certify Your Documents with Us!

    One of the services that we offer in the pharmacy is to certify your documents and witness your signature. We don’t charge for these services in the pharmacy. However, we set a limit on how many we can do any of these services for you. As you can appreciate , the pharmacy gets really busy most of the day and with that said, we have to prioritise our health patients first before we can attend to your concern.

    document certification service

    We sincerely ask you to willingly wait and by the time we’re done with our priority patients, we will immediately attend or get back to you. Our pharmacy has a friendly ambiance and a great place to do a little window shopping for your convenience. So your waiting time won’t get you bored anyway.

    Despite the busyness, we will still certify your documents or have signatures done for you, but we can only do a maximum of four signatures.

    Document Certification

    We can certify to a maximum of 4 documents

    What if I need more than 4?

    If you need more than four documents certified or if you need more than four signatures done, we recommend that you go and see the guys at Brunswick Police Station. They are equipped to handle large volumes of signatures and large volumes of documents.

    Our Limitations:

    We are not JPs, or Justices of the Peace. If you need a specific JP for your document, we also recommend you get your documents done at the police station. Make sure that you ring them first before going there. JPs might not be around hence the need to contact them first.

    Is this FREE?

    Yes, it’s free, We don’t charge for any but all we ask for is a donation to charity. Did we say that you can come in anytime because we do this seven days a week?

    Why Do We Certify Your Documents?

    For Charity

    We work with the Sisterhood Foundation, which is a Priceline-based charity. The money that we collect will be given to this foundation.

    Why do we certify your documents?

    With the dedication to help women and their families affected by serious illness, the Sisterhood Foundation will then distribute all the proceeds to its five chosen charity partners. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the community and this is one of the ways where we can get involved in . And we love what we are doing to help raise money for this purpose. For more information, your may visit https://www.priceline.com.au/sisterhood.

    For a Review

    Another reason why we certify your documents, is we ask for a review on either Facebook or Google Business Page.

    Your warm feedback, honest comments and suggestions truly inspire us in a way that we should always do our best in giving you excellent customer service. All Google and Facebook reviews coming from clients really help the profile of the business. It helps spreads the word in the community about who we are and what we do. And we just think it’s a great way in reciprocation for getting a signature done.

    So if you have any more questions about this service that we offer about certifying documents and signatures, please make sure you pop them in the questions, in the comments below.

    We look forward to seeing you in the pharmacy. We are looking forward to see you in the pharmacy. Thank you.

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