Amazing Career Opportunities
for Pharmacy Dispensary Technicians

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick is growing and we are always looking for amazing Dispensary Technicians to help our patients to join our team.

Where can we take you?

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Are You Detail and Process Oriented?

You will be passionate about the Dispensary and all its operations! You are able to support Pharmacists by accurately dispensing and processing scripts. You are methodical and efficient in the way you pack dose administration aids. You love maintaining a fluid dispensary that is streamlined so that ordering and stock taking is a breeze.

Do you Love helping patients?

Every great Pharmacy Dispensary Technician loves helping clients. You are not scared to jump out onto the retail floor if required. You’ll feel a great connection to your patients and share in their wellness journey. You take your work personally because you care. You change their lives and we can help you do that more often.

Are you looking for an amazing place to work?

We have a modern fast paced retail pharmacy with a great ‘vibe’ to work in, warm and generous patients, a leadership team that cares and a support team to help you practice Pharmacy the way you were meant to!

We are after the right kind of Pharmacy Dispensary Technician.

We’re looking for someone who is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and humble. Someone that is outgoing and able to connect with people of all ages. You’ll be great at communicating with your patients, other team members and the business owner.

A Bit About Us

Our Mission: To help our community get better sooner using a combination of natural medicines and pharmacy medicines. To help people look great and feel amazing. To be at the pillar of preventative initiatives for our patients. We want our community to achieve optimal wellness so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Vision: Customers confidently choose us first for their everyday health and wellness needs because we consistently understand and exceed their expectations by providing outstanding customer service. We are continually at the forefront of innovation in pharmacy.

Our Values:

Passion For Our Customers
We create unmatched levels of loyalty through our wellness consultants by being passionately committed to our customers and all we serve.

We demonstrate high quality in the way we complete our tasks.

Make a difference every day
We strive to help people get better sooner using all the resources available to us

We consistently guide and lead teams to extraordinary results. We are accountable to the standards we set.

Retail Energy
We provide a pleasant working environment in which our wellness consultants can produce innovative results as a team

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will be my responsibilities? Dispensing prescriptions and counselling are just the beginning. You will be expected to approach patients on the retail floor and engage in a professional discussion. You will be expected to treat their condition using pharmacy and natural medicines and you will need to talk about preventative measures as part of their wellness journey. You will love conducting Meds checks and helping the community by providing vaccinations You must be proficient and efficient in the dispensing process – we are known for how quickly a patient can pick up their script. If you are applying for the Pharmacist in Charge position, all the above apply and you will be expected to bring your expertise and flair in growing the business as well as being responsible for all regulatory requirements. You will love systems and procedures to ensure that the dispensary is neat and functioning at full efficiency.
  2. What qualifications will I need?  You will need at least to have completed the Dispensary Assistants course as provided by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.
  3.  Will I have KPIs? Absolutely!  We love KPI’s and have many targets which are considered minimum standards in running and maintaining an efficient dispensary!  Such KPI’s include minimising out of stocks, packing a certain number of dose administration aids per hour, ensuring stationery is ordered.  Oh, and you have to be super neat – a tidy dispensary is a efficient dispensary!
  4.  Will I be selling on the Retail Floor? Yes!  We are a small community pharmacy, so that means, being on the retail floor when needed! You will be proficient at managing your time and be constantly aware of balancing being on the retail floor and dispensary based work.
  5. Will I find parking easy? Yes! Free parking is provided.
  6. How much will I be paid? Your payment will be based on your qualifications and competence!