Amazing Career Opportunities for Amazing Makeup Artists – FULL TIME OR PART TIME

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick is growing and we are always looking for amazing Makeup Artists to join our team.

There’s a reason people refer to our store as their “Beauty Destination.” At Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, every stroke, swipe, and dab reveals possibility. Whether beauty is her obsession or part of her routine, we partner with our client to bring her personal definition of beauty to life with confidence.

Interacting with our clients on the sales floor takes energy, confidence, and a winning personality.

It takes authentic passion—not just about a product, but about people. It takes skill, which we build in you through unparalleled training.

You don’t have to join us as a pro—we’ve turned beauty enthusiasts into superstar makeup artists, skin care advisors, and fragrance experts.

Where can we take you?

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On the Look Out for Some Makeup Artist Jobs?

Look no further guys and gals, Priceline West Brunswick has an opening for you! If you are a budding makeup artist and wish to share your passion for makeup application, exercise your marketing knowledge, and grow with a prestigious company, we might be your next calling.

About the Business

Priceline West Brunswick is fondly called the “Beauty Destination” in our area. We are honored to have been able to grant our customers the knowledge and support they need when in search for medical services, tools, and most especially, makeup and skin care. We get commended by our ability to create rapport with our customers by building on relationships with them while we provide them services tailored to their individual concerns.

Our expectation from you

Our Beauty Advisors should be able to demonstrate current makeup trends, high level makeup skills, makeup product knowledge and brand point of differences to secure sales and clients. We want to keep up with the pharmacy’s reputation and be able to give our clients what they need. It also helps to give educate them on makeup tools and techniques to give them the full experience of excellent service here at Priceline West Brunswick.

About the Role

We refer to our makeup artists as “Beauty Advisors”. The role of Beauty Advisor in our store is to provide a high calibre of service in the Cosmetics & Skincare departments with a key focus on three main tasks: (1) driving sales, (2) managing daily makeup job bookings and events in store within a multi-brand environment, and (3) expertly choosing and applying makeup onto our clients. The everyday day task of the makeup artist is to be able to accomplish all three in an environment of enthusiastic customer service.

Job tasks and responsibilities for Makeup Artists


Interested in taking part in the establishment of this beauty community? Listed below are the qualification we need in our Makeup Artists and Beauty Advisors:


You should spark interest in the products you are promoting to our clients. Being knowledgeable in sales will aid in the prosperity of our business and will give us the credibility we need to support the brands available at the store.

  • Increase total make-up sales at counter and when eventing
  • Achieve Makeup Artist KPI benchmarks in accordance with event type

Make-up Application

The job title in itself calls for a skilled enthusiast. Someone who is confident with their choices and has the talent to beautify any canvass.

  • Make-up standards adhered to
  • Use and maintain your brush set on counter
  • Apply Priceline service and selling method with every customer
  • Maintain strict hygiene standards
  • Make-up demonstrated on counter and worn on itself reflects the current trends
  • Update knowledge on products, trends and application on an ongoing basis


We will know you are doing a good job should the traffic in store level up. This task entails wit and charisma to be able to call forth a crowd and get them curious as to what the pharmacy has to offer them.

  • Raise brand profile when in store
  • Actively recruit new customers
  • Drive and make bookings for make-up events in store

Work Dynamics and Customer Service Skills

To fully push our business to greater heights, we are in need of capable team players. Help us help our community!

  • Experience in booking and carrying out on counter events
  • Professional presentation, with make-up demonstrated on counter and worn on self, reflecting the current trends
  • Punctual and reliable with time management
  • Ability to build strong relationships with clients and team
  • Appreciation and knowledge of luxury retail
  • Independent highly motivated fast learner
  • Able to multi-task in a dynamic environment
  • Highly developed interpersonal & communication skills
  • Ability to work both autonomously and in a team environment dependent on task
  • Must be punctual, flexible, hard worker, passionate and dedicated to work
  • Attention to detail (Merchandising, counter)


Competence is another value we wish to instill in our employees. As much as we’d like to help you grow, we should work together in contributing to the betterment of our company.

  • Qualified in a related discipline
  • Must have Retail experience in Cosmetics
  • To work alongside with the Retail Manager and in a Priceline Pharmacy environment
  • Completed a certificate/diploma on Make-up course
  • Ideally similar work experience for a minimum of 1-2 years
  • Experience working with must have strong KPIs

A Bit About Us

Our Mission: To help our community get better sooner using a combination of natural medicines and pharmacy medicines. To help people look great and feel amazing. To be at the pillar of preventative initiatives for our patients. We want our community to achieve optimal wellness so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Vision: Customers confidently choose us first for their everyday health and wellness needs because we consistently understand and exceed their expectations by providing outstanding customer service. We are continually at the forefront of innovation in pharmacy.

Our Values:

Passion For Our Customers
We create unmatched levels of loyalty through our wellness consultants by being passionately committed to our customers and all we serve.

We demonstrate high quality in the way we complete our tasks.

Make a difference every day
We strive to help people get better sooner using all the resources available to us

We consistently guide and lead teams to extraordinary results. We are accountable to the standards we set.

Retail Energy
We provide a pleasant working environment in which our wellness consultants can produce innovative results as a team

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will be my responsibilities? You will be driving sales in the cosmetics and skin care categories within the store. You will be involved in all aspects of the retail cycle from stock management to team training to sales!
  2. What qualifications will I need? You will need relevant cosmetic house training.
  3. Will I have KPIs? Absolutely! We love KPI’s and have many targets which are considered minimum standards of providing outstanding customer service!
  4. Will I be selling on the Retail Floor? Yes! We are a small community pharmacy, so that means, being on the retail floor when needed! You will be proficient at managing your time and be constantly aware of balancing being on the retail floor and office based work.
  5. Will I find parking easy? Yes! Free parking is provided
  6. How much will I be paid? Your payment will be based on your qualifications and competence!


Will you be one of our Makeup Artists?:

    • You are knowledgeable in basic makeup application and are willing to delve into more advanced forms of makeup artistry.
    • You are familiar with a wide range of makeup products and are intuitive in picking the right products and techniques to be used on the clients.
    • You have an eye for mixing and matching colors and styles that will suit your client.
    • You are capable of transforming your client’s preferences onto her makeup canvass.
    • You can effectively translate your makeup tips and knowledgeable in a way the client can perceive and understand it well.
    • You are a positive and enthusiastic individual with a passion for people.
    • Your energetic nature thrives in a team environment, contributing to our motivated and supportive team dynamics.
    • You are able to provide empathetic, memorable and authentic customer interactions that truly have customers leaving the store looking and feeling their absolute best.
    • Previous customer service experience is essential; preferably previous retail experience.
    • A completed high-school certificate is also required.


    We have achieved great success through listening to the needs of our employees and ensuring they are at the heart of every decision made. We show a strong commitment to your own personal and professional development through in-depth training, incredible health and well-being initiatives and a focus on internal promotions. We love to celebrate and reward each employee’s contribution. We, therefore, offer a competitive salary package, annual salary reviews, generous bonus programs and extravagant incentives.

    If you see yourself as a member of a passionate team, working in a Priceline Pharmacy, then apply now!

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.