• Breast Pump Hire Service

    Breast Pump Hire Service

    Breast pump hire service we offer

    Breast Pump Hire is a  hospital grade machine that you can rent from Priceline Pharmacy here in West Brunswick. This service is ideal for lactating mothers who are having the difficulty of nursing their babies due to some unavoidable reasons. Breastfeeding is highly recommended by healthcare professionals but if you think that you are in need of this machine, you can come by at the pharmacy and speak to one of our Pharmacists or Pharmacy Assistants on how to avail this service.

    Medela Breast Pump Set

    Image source: Medela Australia


    We carry 4 Medela Symphony Double Electric Breast Pumps for your using pleasure! There is a $400 Deposit upon rent, which would be returned to you after you’ve given back the machine, and a $120 Rental Fee for every month the machine is in your possession.


    Breast Pump as the second option

    Studies in medicine put great emphasis on the relationship between mother and baby. There are theories in psychology and obstetrics saying that the first thing the baby does when he/she is born is to latch onto the mother’s breast, creating the first and most powerful relationship to be experienced by people. It is through this theory of attachment that mitigates the first type of personality trait a person could even possess. This is the reason breast pump is highly discouraged, as it could impede that relationship. However, there are certain instances these machines could aid the lactating mother. Let’s delve into that deeper!


    Who are Breast Pumps for? Why is it an option?

    Some mothers, no matter how much they want to breastfeed their babies, can’t do it personally due to certain restraints. When the mother is away or unable, breast pumping the accumulated milk produced by the mother beforehand and feeding the baby through an artificial medium may be helpful.


    Reasons to use breast pump

    Types of Breast Pumps

    According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, there are specific breast pumps available to nursing mothers depending on their desired frequency of use or time needed.

    1. Manual (Hand) Pump)

    • Short term (<4 weeks) and Occasional use(once a day)
    • Long term (>4 weeks) and Occasional use (once a day)

    2. Personal Electric (Short Term)

    • Occasional use (once a day)
    • Long term (>4 weeks) and Occasional use (once a day)

    3. Personal Electric (Long Term)

    • Short term (<4 weeks) and Frequent use (more than once a day)
    • BEST for Long term (>4 weeks) and Frequent use (more than once a day)

    4. Hospital Grade Pump Hire

    • BEST for Short term (<4 weeks) and Frequent use (more than once a day)
    • Long term (>4 weeks) and Frequent use (more than once a day)

    For more information on breast feeding, visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s website at www.breastfeeding.asn.au


    How to Use a Hospital Grade Breast Pump Hire

    Here are the guidelines on how to use Medela Breast Pump Hire:


    1. Sterilize and Keep Clean

    Always make sure the breast shield, your hands and other tools that may have come into connect with breast milk are properly cleaned and free of any milk residue and bacteria. Remember, breast feeding could be a portal of entry of harmful micro bacteria that may harm you and your baby. You can do this by disassembling the tubes and pump components and boiling it in water for about 5 minutes. When done, dry off the pump and tubing by running the machine, with the extra components still attached. Be sure no residue or water droplets are left on the device.


    2. Assemble the Pump


    First, push the breast shield into the connector.Be sure to select a breast shield in your size!Breast pump guideline


    Next, position the yellow valve head horizontally and secure the white membrane on the smallest notch atop valve head.


    Breast pump guideline2


    Holding the valve head sideways, connect the valve head and membrane to the connector.

    Screw in a new Medela bottle in the size of your choice onto the connector.


    Medela bottle


    Insert the appropriate tubes into the corresponding openings in the connector.


    Breast Pump guideline5


    Push the cap into the membrane until it is engaged and insert the tubing adapter into its respective hole on the cap as well.

     Breast pump guideline6


    Expose the top of the machine by pressing the oval button above the word “Symphony” and lift the lid.

    Medela Machine


    Seal in the membrane cap onto the breast pump membrane and close the lid.


    Medela Machine2


    3. Turn on the Machine

    …and let the breast pump machine work its magic!

    For more information check out Medela’s full instruction manual on their website at http://www.medela.com.au/breastfeeding/products/breast-pumps/symphony-rental


    How to Store Breast Milk

    Breast pumping promotes breastfeeding beyond the presence of the mother. The environment away from the mother’s breast is not a specialized environment for the breast milk to be in. With that in mind, an atmosphere similar to what mothers can provide should be recreated in order to keep the milk fresh and viable for the baby.


    Breast milk should be stored in safe containers like:

    • Steel containers
    • Baby approved containers
    • Milk storage bags

    Storage Life

    • Room temperature milk can last for 4 hours right after collection
    • Refrigerate for more than 4 hours, and it will last for up to 5 days
    • Long term: keep it in the freezer for up to 2 weeks

    Storage Temperature

    • At 0 F, the milk can last from 3 – 6 months
    • At -4 F, the milk can last for up to 12 months


    • Right after thawing frozen milk, have the baby drink it for up to 24 hours
    • If at room temperature, drink within an hour
    • Remember to wash hands before you touch any part in contact with the breast milk


    • NEVER mix milk of different temperatures!
    • AVOID glass! As the molecules of the breast milk could stick to the sides of the glass container and won’t be efficiently transferred to the baby.
    • Discard any leftover milk that wasn’t

    How to Feed Baby with Collected Breast Milk

    1. Cool down the milk to room temperature
    2. AVOID feeding bottles to not lead the aby towards nipple confusion
    3. Sippers or spoons are recommended
    4. When using feeding bottles, STERILIZE them thoroughly
    • 15 mins for the bottle
    • 5 mins for the teats

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