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Breastfeeding remains the unarguable choice for many feeding mothers – the most medically recommended way to ensure that infants get the best nutrition for healthier growth & development. However, modern lifestyles can be demanding, making it difficult for every nursing mother to breastfeed while others have health problems that can make nursing difficult. The solution? Hire Breast Pump!

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If you have been searching for Hospital-grade Medela breast pumps online, don’t look further. We are the preferred resource to hire breast pump across Melbourne—a pharmacy with genuine Australian credentials.

If you want to hire a breast pump at Melbourne pharmacy without leaving anything to chance, choose us! Located in West Brunswick, we are a complete family pharmacy. We help you choose a rental breast pump that actually supports the health of mums & babies, and is closer to imitating natural milk-release and sucking action.

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When it comes to Breast Pump Hire, Melbourne Pharmacy at West Brunswick has everything covered!

Much more than being a trusted provider of Breast Pump Rentals, as a Melbourne pharmacy provider for the community, we are committed to sharing more about how to use breast pumps—think of this as a complete Breast Pump Guide to help you through the journey of feeding the most valuable part of your Life and discover the finer points of using medical-grade devices and nursing habits…

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At Priceline Pharmacy [West Brunswick], we are always ready to address any breast pump rental query.

We maintain a stock of 4 Medela Symphony Double Electric Breast Pumps.

    • $400 Deposit upon Renting – this is returned when you return the breastfeeding machine

    • $150 Rental Fee for every month the machine is in your possession

➢ Confused about which Breast Pump Machine to use? 

There can be many reasons to hire breast pump rather than nursing without this medical-grade machine. Read ahead, The Different Types of Breast Pumps .

➢ Worried about setting-up a Breast Pump Machine?…Let us help you!

Medela Breast Pump Setup

➢ Get better insight about how to use breast pumps with these detailed videos:

These videos should prep you with sufficient data about how easy it is to set-up a breast pumping machine. 

Committed to creating the Best Customer Support Experience for any Breast Pump Hire query!

We are enriching our Breast Pump Guide to help you through the journey of motherhood and nursing, ensuring you find the best possible ways, hopefully with our help/guidance:

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For more information on Breast Feeding,

Visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s

Website: www.breastfeeding.asn.au