• Headaches: Types, Causes and Sources

    Headaches: Types, Causes and Sources

    Headaches Headaches, most of us, can say with certainty, that at some point, have experienced it. Maybe it didn’t last long and a one-off occurrence, causing you discomfort, but not really limiting your day-to-day function. On the other end, maybe it was a migraine – a kind of headache that you get nearly every week. That

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  • PMS-how to get rid of it?

    Many females (and their male partners!) believe that PMS is just a natural occurrence that comes with that time of the month; that just as inevitable and necessary it is for the female to get her period. It is equally as inevitable that she will have PMS. That includes manifestation of symptoms such as moodiness,

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  • Asthma: Its risk factors and ways to manage it

    Asthma: Its risk factors and ways to manage it

    In Australia, 1 in 9 people has asthma, totaling nearly 2.5 million people with a diagnosis of the disease. Each year the disease kills just under 450 residents and is twice as likely to affect indigenous as opposed to non-indigenous individuals. Because it varies a great deal in severity and is presented differently by everyone,

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  • Why taking Vitamin C is essential

    Why taking Vitamin C is essential

    Vitamin C This vitamin is essential for our cells to function optimally and is a potent antioxidant. Ascorbic acid, as it is known for, is a  water-soluble vitamin. That means the body doesn’t store it and  a continuous supply of this essential vitamin is crucial for the beneficial effects to be maintained. For this reason,

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