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  • A Closer Look on Arthritis

    A Closer Look on Arthritis

    As the population of Australia continues to age, the rate of diagnosis of arthritis continues to rise.  It is estimated that by 2050, 7 million Australians will suffer from arthritis. It affects people of all ages, and 2.4 million people of those suffering are of working age. Embodying several different medical conditions, there are more

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  • What is the best hair removal technique?

    What is the best hair removal technique?

    Summer is just around the corner. You find the perfect skirt only to find that Bigfoot has taken custody of your underarms and legs. This will not do. There must be a quick and easy hair removal technique available to remove that pesky hair and get on with your life, right?     Is your hair

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  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Test

    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Test

    Sleep disorders are one of many widely unrecognized and undiagnosed conditions. Most sleep symptoms usually manifest due to co-morbid conditions like obesity and depression. However, there is a term 80% of Aussies are unfamiliar with, though unknowingly live with every day. This is called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or OSA, for short. Paucity of breathing while

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  • 3 Ways to Lower Bad Cholesterol

    3 Ways to Lower Bad Cholesterol

    Before diving into different ways to lower bad cholesterol, taking measures to prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body is a very crucial option to do. There is good and bad cholesterol to identify. How these two types of cholesterol different from one another will tell us the best possible treatment to balance

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