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  • Why Should You Take a Sleep Apnoea Test?

    Why Should You Take a Sleep Apnoea Test?

    Sleep apnoea has been one of the most common sleep disorder in the world, still, many people tend to ignore its symptoms. Sleep apnoea should never be taken for granted, it can reduce the life expectancy of the patient by as much as 15 years and can be responsible for many life-threatening diseases. The 3

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  • Sleep Apnoea Symptoms

    Sleep Apnoea Symptoms

    Sleep apnoea is a sleeping disorder that happens because of irregular breathing patterns while you sleep. It can be a life-threatening disease which may lead to heart failure, stroke, depression, etc. Sleep apnoea can be classified into 3 broad categories: Obstructive sleep apnoea: It’s the most common sleep apnoea which occurs when your throat airway

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  • 7 Steps to Cleaning Makeup Brushes

    7 Steps to Cleaning Makeup Brushes

    Makeup brushes must be regularly cleaned to maintain its efficiency. Proper cleaning essential to preserve the fiber of the brush at its best. Knowing the main reasons why will let us decide how often we should clean brushes and know the steps to cleaning them the right way. 3 WHYs we have to clean makeup

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  • 8 Steps to Contour Makeup

    8 Steps to Contour Makeup

    Contouring is a makeup technique that refines the shape of a face and enhances the facial structure through makeup. 1. CREATE A BASE The very first thing to do is the application of foundation and concealer Then, follow it up with a light layer of translucent powder to the face to establish a clean base. This is essential

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