• What’s in a Flu Shot?

    What’s in a Flu Shot?

    History of Flu Vaccination Influenza virus was first discovered in the early 1930s. Just after the discovery of virus scientist started their pursuit to find the vaccine of flu. Flu vaccine was first approved for the military personals in 1945 and soldiers fighting World War II were the first patients to receive this vaccination. Soon

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  • Flu shot when pregnant

    Flu shot when pregnant

    Planning for a baby? If you are planning to have a baby then you must get your research done on the vaccines that need to be taken.    Planning ahead is highly recommended. In some cases, vaccines need to be taken before pregnancy and in other cases, vaccines can be taken during the pregnancy period.

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  • Dealing with High Cholesterol Level

    Dealing with High Cholesterol Level

    Approximately half of all Australians have a blood cholesterol level above the recommended value, making high cholesterol a major health concern for the Australian population. Cholesterol is a type of fat that is made naturally in the body and performed many important functions. It is essential to have cholesterol circulating throughout the blood-stream, and the

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  • Dysmenorrhea-Causes and Treatment

    Dysmenorrhea-Causes and Treatment

    Dysmenorrhea If you’re one of the 84% of women who suffer from period pain and cramps, you’re not alone. Known more scientifically as dysmenorrhea, it is defined as “excessively painful menstruation,” and presents as cramps, nausea, overall body aches, pain and discomfort in the abdominal area, or in severe cases, some women even experience vomiting.

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