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What is Sleep Apnea ?

Sleep Apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders around. The condition is majorly characterized by feeling very tired after a supposed full night sleep. Sleep apnea is more common in males than females. Some other high-risk factors, however, include a family history, excessive weight, chronic nasal congestion, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The basic cause of sleep apnea is the relaxation of the upper airway at night.

Why the Need of

Automatic Sleep Apnea Machines?


The basic cause of sleep apnea is the relaxation of the upper airway at night. This relaxation blocks the airway which prevents enough air leading to pauses in breathing that can last from a few seconds to minutes.
Most people that experience sleep apnoea are often unaware as after a while, the reflexes kick in and they start breathing again during sleep.

Signs of Sleep Apnoea


Most cases of sleep apnoea are undiagnosed and this affects the metabolic and cardiovascular health, hampering the sleep cycle. Due to this, sleep apnea leads to intense health problems that are life-shortening e.g. depression, automobile accidents due to falling asleep while driving, diabetes, and stroke.

This is why it is important to take the necessary steps when any of the symptoms of sleep apnea has been observed.


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Apart from offering top quality CPAP machines, we also have a team of sleep specialists that are always available to help out with choosing the most suitable CPAP machine for your use. Apart from this, our specialists also offer tips to help you sleep better. In addition, our CPAP machines are cost-effective and very easy to use.

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What Should I Do to Relieve Sleep Apnoea?

Although there are several options that are explored in treatment of sleep apnea, the use of CPAP machines are currently one of the best options. The automatic sleep apnea machine is a secure and comfortable machine that automatically adjusts the amount of pressure delivered to your airways. It provides and ensures an adequate amount of pressure to be delivered.

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