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In some instances, people who experience sleep apnoea might not know they have it unless they are observed by close friends. Sleep apnoea has been discovered to also have possible links with certain intense health conditions like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, heart diseases, and even eye problems.

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Unfortunately, many of these cases are often undiagnosed. There are different signs of sleep apnoea. Some of them are sleepiness during the day, loud snoring that wakes people around, morning headaches, and dry throat in the morning, insomnia in most women, and presence of mood changes that include anxiety, and even memory loss in some cases. The most common type of sleep apnoea is obstructive sleep apnoea which is due to the blockage of the airways.

The Warning Signs of Sleep Apnoea

People above 50 years and overweight people also have a high tendency to experience sleep apnoea. Also, research has shown that men are two to three times more likely to have sleep apnoea than women.

There are two major classifications of sleep apnea:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea, and
  • Central sleep apnea

Sleep apnoea is one of the biggest sleeping challenges around the world. However, CPAP machines are designed to help with this. The apnoea machine helps create a continuous positive airway pressure to avoid any shortage of breath throughout the night.

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CPAP machines come in different forms and sizes. The positive pressure forces a column of compressed air to be transmitted in order to open the airways of the patient, thereby relieving sleep apnoea. This is why it is important to look out of the most suitable CPAP machine when trying to get a Sleep Apnoea machine.


The Philips Sleep Apnoea Machine is perfectly developed to provide a constant flow of air pressure to your throat to allow the airways to stay open when you sleep.

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