• How to Analyse Skin in Your Skincare Routine

    How to Analyse Skin in Your Skincare Routine

    Before you start your skincare routine

    You might be wanting to start a new skincare routine and want to see results. But first steps first, and you need to establish what sort of skin type you have. There are different types of skin and other skin conditions to take into consideration- one of which is the oily-congested type of skin. This type of skin is (sometimes) manifested having breakouts. There’s dry dull skin, red and sensitive type of skin and ageing fine-line wrinkled skin.

     The different skin concerns can describe in the following conditions:

    • skin being comedonic with breakouts
    • uneven skin tone
    • broken capillaries
    • skin texture with the presence of breakouts and bumps
    • extreme dryness
    • lack of firmness
    • sagging skin
    • redness
    • sensitivity

    How to Analyse Your Skin

    There are five key components to figure when you are analysing your skin,.

    1. The Size of Your Pores

    Get a nice cleansed face and grab a mirror to see the size of the pores. If they are quite open and large, this could typically indicate that your skin is quite oily. If they are visible, then the skin is considered quite normal. On the other hand, if the pores are hard to see or seem invisible to find, you may have quite dry skin. If you have two or more different components, this could indicate that you’ve got combination skin.

    2. The Colour of Your Skin

    The presence of capillaries or redness could indicate that you have sun-damages skin. It could also be just the sensitivity of the skin or trauma and inflammation. If there’s any pigmentation, this could be in the form of freckles or sunspots which is quite normal to occur. Dull skin could indicate that your skin is oily. It could also be that you have a quite sluggish circulation flow. Dull skin could also mean that you are lacking in skincare. Now, pale/translucent skin could be that you have dry skin, sensitive skin or quite ageing skin. On the other hand, pale transparent skin could mean that your skin is quite dry, quite sensitive, or it could be attributed as signs of ageing. Even skin means that your skin is quite healthy and is well-balanced.

    3. Oil Flow

    To find out what sort of oil flow you have, drag your freshly cleaned finger over the skin. If it glides easily, that means that your skin could be more so oily. If it drags the opposite way, that means that your skin could be lacking in moisture.

    4. Texture

    As you glide your fingers on your face, you will the texture. Your skin may appear a bit rough and that could mean that you have some clogged pores. That could be an indication of the presence of congestion, milia and pustules. If you have poor elasticity in the skin, that is a sing of ageing.

    5. Tone

    This skin component tells you how much elasticity is in your skin. If it is quite a low amount, your skin is more aged. Whereas if it is in high amount, the skin looks plumper and bounces back quite easily. This is an indication of having a quite young skin.

    The Importance of Vitamin C in Skincare

    What is Vitamin C Used for?

    You might be wondering, what is vitamin C used for? Vitamin C helps encourage the natural healing process of the skin. It helps promote collagen in the skin. It also helps decrease the appearance of pigmentation and the reappearance of pigmentation. Vitamin C helps reduce the swelling and irritation as it is helping with the inflammatories of the skin. It clarifies the skin as well as brightens the skin. If you’re ever wanting that really youthful glow, vitamin C is amazing for that. In addition, Vitamin C helps with the protection against damage from free radicals and helps with UV rays.

    How to Incorporate Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine?

    To incorporate vitamin C into your skincare routine, serums are an awesome way to include the regimen. They’re best used in the mornings and before your moisturiser, but just ensure that you are applying sunscreen as it can cause sensitivity to the sun.

    Some awesome serums that are available from our store in Priceline in West Brunswick are ascorbyl glucoside 12% solution from The Ordinary, the Revolution 3% serum as well. They do also provide a 12% serum. Then you’ve got the La Roche-Posay Q10 vitamin C serum. Nip and Fab also has one that’s also 3%. And Essano also has one.

    Hopefully, this has cleared up how to distinguish what sort of skin type you have and any concerns that you have. Now, if you have any questions or you have any concerns, feel free to come into Priceline in West Brunswick to see me, and I’ll be able to help you out. You may also check out blogs about beauty and skincare here.

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