Anaemia Screening in West Brunswick

Do you get tired very easily?
Do you tend to be sleepy or feel cold you?
Are you having headaches or feel dizzy?
You might be iron deficient.

Iron deficiency is common in Australia,
particularly in women, in small babies, children and people on restricted
diets.This type of anaemia can be
easily treated.

The symptoms of iron deficiency can be confirmed through a very simple anaemia screening test or what we call the Iron Testing Service here in West Brunswick.

For just $5, you’ll get an instantaneous result.

Iron test gives you an idea of your iron level and may help recognize problems with iron deficiency or overload.

The Process We do

The test to conduct will require a simple prick of blood. With a little blood sample collected, we put it into the machine. The standard levels are at 12.9. In case that your iron levels were kind of lower than the level point,we will give you different options on how to deal with that number.

To check if your iron levels are within the range, it is recommended that you have an anaemia screening test every 3 months or so. This will be an indicator of whether or not your iron medication is working for you.

Do you want to know your iron levels?

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If your number is slightly lower than 12.9, we recommend a number of options for you.


We Provide a Complete Range of Test Analysis and Consultations!

We help you achieve your iron optimal level through consultations on different kinds of supplements you may be needing.However, when it comes to supplementing your iron levels, the most important thing we take into consideration is to find what effectively works for you. Moreover, we guide you with some invaluable consultations that you will surely need in your journey to becoming iron deficient. As a result, you will be able to live your life less the symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia.



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