• 7 Steps to Cleaning Makeup Brushes

    7 Steps to Cleaning Makeup Brushes

    Makeup brushes must be regularly cleaned to maintain its efficiency.

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    Proper cleaning essential to preserve the fiber of the brush at its best. Knowing the main reasons why will let us decide how often we should clean brushes and know the steps to cleaning them the right way.

    3 WHYs we have to clean makeup brushes

    1. Uncleaned brushes are prone to bacteria.
    2. If not properly cleaned, the bristles tend to weaken.
    3. Uncleaned brushes call for breakouts and skin irritations.

    1. Lightly pat or run your fingers to the bristles to remove excess makeup powder off the brush.  Dusting the brush onto the microfiber cloth or tissue will do the trick as well.

    2. Then, in a small bowl of lukewarm water containing a mild cleanser, dip your brushes and swirl around. This will help unclog stubborn powder or makeup cream off the bristles.

    3. If you’re using a makeup brush cleaner like that of Manicare, simply spray your desired amount onto the tissue. After that, gently wipe the brush with it and rinse. Reshape the brushes and let dry.

    4. If brushes were used for cream-based makeup, using light oil will help. Put a small amount of oil on a microfiber cloth or towel. Wrap or coat the brushes with the cloth and gently wipe the cream off the bristles.

    5. Using silica scrubber board is a cool step to do. It will help wipe the makeup off the brushes before washing. There are many different scrubber boards to choose from. So pick one that is light and easy to use.

    6. After cleaning the brushes, rinse thoroughly. Do not soak the whole brush into the water or oil. It will loosen the glue holding the handle and bristles together.

    Steps to cleaning makeup brushes

    7. Once the brushes are completely cleaned, wipe the bristles gently to remove excess water. Do not forget to reshape the bristles while still wet. Reshaping them puts back the brush to its original form. Lay the brushes on a flat surface and let dry naturally. Blow drying is not a good idea to do. Uncontrolled heat can damage bristles.

    How often we do these 7 steps?

    According to beauty experts, cleaning brushes is highly recommended at least once a week. If brushes are heavily soiled with powder or cream, frequent cleaning is suggested as needed.

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