• 3 Ways to Treat Mouth Ulcers

    3 Ways to Treat Mouth Ulcers

    Mouth ulcers are really and painful but they can be pretty easy to manage. They are painful sores that appear inside the mouth. They are usually red or yellow in appearance. Though harmless, they are uncomfortable to live with. To reduce the pain and swelling, we listed three ways to treat your mouth ulcers.

    When to see a doctor?

    If you think the ulcers are spreading and lasting longer than three weeks, you should be seeing your doctor as soon as possible. You need not wait that long to seek the advice of the doctor. If you find the ulcers painful and/or big and causing fever, you must seek medical treatment right away.

    What are the ways to treat mouth ulcers?

    There are three main products that we generally use to help manage mouth ulcers and to take the edge off the pain.

    ways to treat mouth ulcer

    1. GELS

    Using a gel during the day every couple of hours will just take the edge off the pain. Usually, the gels are aspirin based. They decrease swelling and inflammation in the gums and around the ulcers. They take the edge off the pain and they are quite soothing as well.

    2. PASTE.

    At night time, we recommend using a paste gently. It’s not suitable for everyone so speaking to your pharmacist will help you determine whether this product works best for you. It works overnight to reduce the swelling. The paste is applied directly to mouth ulcer and it creates a nice barrier around the ulcer to allow it to heal up very quickly.


    One of the ways to treat mouth ulcers is by taking supplements. We use supplements in the form of capsules that contain zinc and creatine which may be helpful for you. That works on the inside to start healing up the mouth ulcer.

    Ways to prevent mouth ulcers

    There are some ways we can do to prevent mouth ulcers.

    Maintaining good dental hygiene is a must.

    Have a talk with healthcare professionals regarding medications that could cause ulcers.

    Avoid acidic foods like pineapple, oranges and other similar ones.

    Avoid triggers that caused the outbreak in the past.

    Reduce stress and anxiety as they may contribute to the breakout of mouth ulcers.

    If you have any questions about mouth ulcers, please leave a comment below. You may come and speak to one of our pharmacists and we’ll be ready to give you some pharmacy advice. Remember to always read the label and use only as directed and if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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