• The 3 Common Mistakes in Using an Asthma Preventer

    The 3 Common Mistakes in Using an Asthma Preventer

    What is an asthma preventer used for?

    Every asthma patient should know these 3 common mistakes when using an asthma preventer. If these mistakes are not corrected, preventer medicines intake will not be maximised and will just be wasted. An asthma preventer is a medicine that makes the airways less sensitive. It reduces redness, swelling or inflammation and helps in drying up mucus. This medicine is necessarily taken every day to reduce asthma symptoms and attacks.


    asthma preventer usage


    1. NOT USING A RELIEVER -The first mistake that most people don’t consider is NOT using a reliever first. Using a Ventolin or Asmol first before using a preventer will help open up your airways and help more of the preventers to go down. Why reliever first? A reliever is a medicine, a fast-acting one that gives quick relief of asthma symptoms. It relaxes the muscle around the outside of the airway to open it up. This medicine starts to work within minutes and can last up to 4 hours.


    2. NOT BRUSHING TEETH– The second mistake is NOT brushing teeth afterwards. It is really important to brush teeth afterwards because these preventers contain low dose steroid that reduces swelling in the airways. These preventers leave the steroid in the mouth and if you don’t brush teeth afterwards, there is a chance of causing an infection in the mouth and can leave an unpleasant sensation. So it’s always best to brush teeth afterwards.

    3. NOT USING A SPACER– The third and final mistake when people use one of these Seretide or Flixotide inhalers is not using a spacer. It’s really essential to use a spacer because all the research done have shown 90% of your dose does not get down into your lungs. So there is really no excuse in using it without a spacer.

    asthma spacer

    Alvin is showing you how to attach the spacer onto the preventer.

    In a nutshell

    Knowing the right techniques in using an asthma preventer is the key to maximising the amount of medication you are breathing into your lungs. Using your asthma preventer correctly is essential for proper control of your symptoms. Our Pharmacist goes through some common errors that many people are not aware of. Do you need your inhaler technique checked? This is a free service provided by Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick – Our Pharmacists are trained to check your technique whatever asthma device you are using.

    As a recap, the 3 major things to remember when using an asthma preventer are:

    1. Make sure you use your reliever first to allow more of the dose to go down.

    2. Make sure you brush your teeth after every dose usually twice a day.

    3. Please make sure you use of a spacer
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