• The 3 Common Mistakes to Treat Hay Fever

    The 3 Common Mistakes to Treat Hay Fever

    Hay fever is prevalent during this time of the year when pollens are floating around in the air. Hay fever or allergic rhinitis occurs in a particular season. Outdoor allergen such as pollen is a trigger factor behind this type of allergy. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor allergens, it is best to keep ready these solutions that will help prevent hay fever from attacking you.

    You might be wondering why hay fever is not getting any better. It could be your doing the treatment the wrong way. We often see three common mistakes our patients make when dealing with their hay fever here at the pharmacy. Let us identify them for you.

    People are only using antihistamine tablets to treat hay fever

    The very first mistake that people make is that they’re just using an antihistamine tablet only. What is now recommended first in line is the use of a corticosteroid nasal spray. A lot of people are a little bit put off by the word “steroid”, and using a spray that contains a steroid. For the assurance of all our patients, the formula contains a low dose of steroids. So how the steroid spray effectively works is to apply it directly to the nasal passages. It works a lot better than using a tablet on its own. In addition, it also works really well in conjunction with a tablet.

    So these corticosteroid nasal sprays, what they do is reduce the swelling in the nasal passages, and also make your nasal passages less sensitive to the pollen. In the long run, you’ll find it to be super useful in managing your hay fever. This spray is not applicable to everyone for it does contain some side effects. So please make sure you come and speak to one of our pharmacists, and we can determine the right one for you.

    Hayfever medication

    People are not using preservative-free saline spray.

    The second mistake that people make when treating hay fever is they’re not using a preservative-free saline spray. Saline is really important whether you use it in the form of a spray or in the form of nasal irrigation. It just flushes out any excess pollen from your nasal passages. With the application of the saline spray, you will actually feel a million times better because it hydrates and moisturises your nasal passages.

    People are not using decongestant spray.

    The third mistake that people make when they treat hay fever is not using a decongestant spray.

    Quite often you will still feel bad with hay fever when your steroid spray and your antihistamine tablets just haven’t kicked in yet. With that situation, you can actually use a preservative-free decongestant spray, which works really, really well for the first few days in relieving your congestion, sneezing, and other symptoms. For the time being, that will cover your condition until your cortisone nasal spray and your antihistamine tablets kick in.

    So there you go, guys- the three common mistakes that people make when treating their hay fever. If you come in and speak to one of our pharmacists and wellness consultants, we will direct you in the right way to treat hay fever.

    If you have any questions please make sure that you leave them in the comments below, and we will surely answer them.

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