Welcome to a whole new year of trendsetting and viral antics, folks! As I scoured the internet for this year’s trendiest trends in beauty, I couldn’t help but feel a little de javu. Most of the trends I came across were come backs from styles dated as early as the 60s! Although, they’ve come back sporting an entirely new feel to them, matched with today’s modern flare. Some of these you may also find familiar as they were considered the hottest and most imitated of beauty techniques in 2017. So, without further ado, let’s see what the beauty elite have been loving on this year’s runways and red carpets.

    1. Skin Au Naturel

    Natural Makeup Trend

    Gone are the days where we hear “full coverage”, “bake”  and “cake” on every YouTube video and beauty blog. 2018 takes it way back to the basics with clear, smooth and beaming complexions as foundation. In retrospect, whenever I’d search for daily beauty routines supermodels use, none of them actually use a ton of makeup. They would usually mix a drop of foundation with an oil, cream or highlight and slather it all over their faces with bare hands. They like to let their skin breathe and take care of their natural, God-given features with skincare and eating healthy. That way, even at big formal events and red carpets, they stay picture perfect without any makeup mishaps. As an added bonus, they don’t need the full shebam to look chic anywhere and everywhere they go too!


    2. Glowing Skin

    Glowing skin

    Natural glowing skin is a bonus when going au naturel. But how about elevating that glow with a little bit of highlighter – well, who am I kidding? A LOT of highlighter! This trend started last year and everyone still can’t get enough of it. With Rihanna debuting her beauty line, Fenty and her ever popular, Trophy Wife highlighter, everyone’s jumping on the glow train! Most think Trophy Wife isn’t suitable for those with very light skin tones, I happen to disagree. With proper blending, a good choice of bronzy eyeshadow, bronzer and a nude lip, even my fair ladies out there will love the trend. Don’t forget the inner corners! This technique can further brighten and open up the face, giving you that golden goddess glow everyone is loving.

    3. Big Glitter

    Glitter makeup trend

    I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned glitter in my recent blogs, but it sure keeps popping up. The chunkier the glitter, the better! This trend calls for big specs of glitter, and even putting crystals on your face is trendy. This much-loved festival inspired look gives its wearer a chance to be creative, artsy and a little messy. If you don’t like bright pops of color, you can rely on any rhinestone and gem to give you that hint of holographic color to satisfy your rainbow needs.

    4. Dramatic Black Eyeliner

    dramatic eyeliner trend

    Not many people find crazy eyeliner wearable for every day, but for my risky and bold babes in the house, this one’s for you. This year’s runway flourished the most bizarre lines and shapes you could place upon one’s eye orbit from blunted wings to a fully defined, all-around eyeliner look. Let it be your canvas, my friend! This year, Amy Winehouse wings will be seen more frequently, so don’t be afraid to overline. And if you’re feeling a bit more creative with your cat eyes, feel free to draw just any shape you can imagine. No one’s judging!

    5. Bright Pops of Color

    Bright colour makeup

    Who says blue eyeshadow is tacky? Electric blue and canary yellow eyes, whether all over the lid or in the inner corners are the go-to eye makeup this spring and summer. Time to pack up all the dark vampy makeup and bring out your bright oranges and blues. Remember though, when adding drama to the eyes, play down your lips with a lighter pink or nude shade. When the pop of color is your lipstick, relax the eyes with less eyeshadow. This technique makes the look more wearable.

    6. Very Berry Cherry Lips

    Berry Cherry Lips

    2018 has taken a turn from nudes and browns to bright pinks and reds. When it comes to lipstick, it’s always best to match the shade with your skin tone, just like you do with foundation, as any unwanted undertone can turn a look from drab and dreary to bright and cheery. Also, since cherry lips is a bright color choice, its best to pair it with a simple cat eye or full lashes.

    7. Purple Tones

    Purple makeup trend

    This year’s Pantone color of the year is ultra violet! It’s no wonder purple has been seen all over fashion runways. In my opinion, purple has been such an underdog color in the beauty industry. This neutral color will definitely look good on anybody, whether you have warm or cool undertones. Going for a monochromatic pastel violet look is perfect for spring and will leave you looking as dainty as the February blooms. I use purple in my inner corners when I go for neutral brown looks or mixed in with my crease shade to soften any eye look.

    8. Nail Art

    Nail art trend

    After a good few years, nail art is back on the charts. Recently, people have been using nail art as a mode to campaign for breast cancer and other promotions. Because the art lets you be as imaginative as you can, and the medium lets you carry the statement wherever you go, it’s a great way to promote. Since this year is all about color, go for pinks and lilacs this spring. Statement nails can either be a glitter nail or a tiny piece of artwork. Or you can try playing with negative space, highlighting the tips with a pastel blue polish and using a white polish to give focus to the lanula (white part of the nail).

    9. Fringe – fashion and beauty II

    Fringe style trend

    Another hair trend to have returned from 2010 are bangs! I’m sure some of us were into that side-swept-emo hair look back in the day. Maybe it’s time to bring that back? But this time around, have your bangs choppy. Whether side-swept or center parted, you’re sure to be runway ready any day!

    10. Lip gloss

    Lip gloss

    Mattes and velvets have a been all the rage for the past couple of years, shunning our old school lip gloss to bottom of our makeup bags. This year, I guess 2018 has had it with the parched looked, it’s waiting to revive our ever-faithful lip plumping gloss. Lip gloss is so diverse it can add the missing link to any makeup look. You can use it as a lip topper to any lipstick or just on its own to give your lips some shine.

    11. Lipstick Bullets

    Lipsticks of different colours

    Bye-bye liquid lipstick and welcome back lipstick bullet! Having tried the liquid lipstick trend for the past few years, I kind of missed the ole’ reliable lipstick. Although the liquid lip was very precise, the formula was hard to get right and frankly, the extra dollars I spent on it left me yearning for my bullet. It lasts longer, it rarely dries up, both in the tube and on the lips, its easier to carry around and apply, how could we have even replaced it in the first place?

    12. Short haircut

     Haircut trendy style

    Haircut trends seem to be getting shorter and shorter as the years go by. Last year, every girl probably left their hair salon sporting a medium length long bob. Tutorials appreciating bobs then sprouted on every beauty channel screaming for attention. Well, turns out it got it! This year, a lower maintenance mop graces every trendsetter’s tresses. Short hairstyles, ones above the chin or even slightly below the ear, give a boyish look. If you don’t want that, ask your hairstylist to give you volume by adding some side-swept bangs.

    13. Hairclips

    Hairclips trend

    More embellishments! But this time, for your hair. No need to hide away those annoying black bobby pins this year. Go all out with a full-on glam and bedazzled hair clip. Choose the loudest and grandest of the bunch and pin them on your hair just above the ear, close to your temples. These clips come in a variety of designs, but the most popular ones on the runway were those that come in gold with pearls and flowers, ready for springtime.

    14. Blush

    Blush makeup

    Some say this year’s the death of contouring as makeup artists barely even spoke about the product back stage on runway shows. Instead of having that chiseled cheekbones, they opted for rosy cheeks and flushed faces. It’s a new era for blush! Korean makeup trends like focusing their blush heavily on the apples of their cheeks and the tips of their noses while Japanese trends prefer them above the cheekbones, around the undereye area.

    15. Spider lash

    Spider lash style

    Get your Twiggy on cause clumpy lashes are in again! Thick, layered on mascara was showcased across the runway for another year. To achieve this look, remember not to remove the excess product from the wand before applying. Using a volumizing mascara with a thickly bristled brush, pump up on the base of the lashes closest to the lashline. Pack on as much mascara as you can. Don’t over do it tho! You should apply enough product only to coat the lashes with an even thick layer. Now, before it dries, take a pair of tweezer and pinch together 3 – 4 strands at a time and continue along the entire lashline. Repeat the steps on your bottom lashline and the other eyes and there you have it! Spider lashes to rival Twiggy!

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